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Organized Thoughts

I need to state today I am frustrated.  I might be grey and nerdy, but right now I’m grey and under employed.  I have too much experience for some, not enough for others.  I need to find a way to feed myself and my dogs, but alas, it’s getting tiring.  I have spent over 4 hours applying for 3 jobs.  Yes that’s 3.  By the time you rework your resume, your cover letter, and jump through the sometimes endless questions on the websites (some are the same question asked 3 ways), I’m tired, and I’m frustrated.

I wish to be nerdy now.  I want to play games, start a new quest accomplish some other goal than actual life goals.  But I cannot.  I must contend with the idea of being a cog in the wheel of capitalism if I wish to have a roof over my head and food in my belly.

So I continue on my employment quest.  Hopefully I gain a new badge called “gainfully employed” so I can spend more time, in the world of nerdly pursuits.


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